About Tatjana

Named after Tatjana, a delicate literary creation of Alexandr Pushkin from his novel in verse – Evgeny Onegin.

When asked to introduce herself, she usually answers with – I am me. In short, that would stand for the following:

Philosopher whose career life has been dedicated to teaching and researching of Ethics of Religion and ethical communication in personal relationships. Writer and poet by passion. Linguist who is convinced that language is the most massive and inclusive skill we learn. Dreamer who believes love and kindness can change the world. Traveller who enjoys exploring the unknown. Metaphysics scout who is interested in existence, cause and possibility. Philophile. A bonus mum to her Lion Heart and her nieces and nephews. Wannabe mermaid who is infatuated by the sea. Art addict, from architecture to seven liberal arts. History sniffer. Smile giver. Hugger. Nature escapist and cat cuddler. Romantic who is enticed, allured and enchanted by the matters of the human heart and its untold stories. Reading omnivore. Experimentalist who often indulges and loses herself in gastronomical adventures…

Tatjana is passionately yearning to answer questions about the matters of human emotions and sexuality. Through her articles, lectures, poems and books, she is trying to help a wider audience understand the complicated world of their feelings. Her views are clearly and concisely stated, strongly motivating her readers to admit and express their unfathomable sentiments without fear.

Even though she receives praise to have a unique writing style that provides a reading experience unlike any other, she continues to describe herself in an unpretentious way as someone who writes from the heart.

Being very grateful, appreciative and delighted by the responses her work has received, she would like to foster being connected with people who show interest in topics she is passionate about. 

Tatjana is looking forward to sharing her future publications with her readers as they come to fruition.

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