“To retreat in my aloneness,
my beautifully peaceful garden, 
to find shade under my heart, 
in the solitude of abundance, 
without you in sight.” 

Tatjana Ostojic


S. Deretić

“Author’s depth and the mysterious and hidden emotional world once again capture the attention of a reader. Exploring her imagination, powerfully influenced by a man who was a part of her metaphysical and physical worlds, she reveals a passionate, carnal side of her personality and takes the reader of her poetry through the intense process of the quest for the genuine, lasting love, as well as the satisfaction of the most intense desires.

Moments of Eros is a poetry book of modern poetic expression. A written proof that love should be approached with passion or not at all. Tatjana’s strong, immediate reaction to the matters of the heart, presents a woman in her strongest version, a woman who is not afraid to form very intense love bond, to indulge in the beauty of being loyal to the man that is her beloved; a woman whose courage and emotional strength are hers in abundance.”